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Theme park trips for Castrol contest winners

Friday, October 28th, 2011

The Castrol Magnatec ‘Instant Protection’ Campaign came to its conclusion in a prize giving ceremony held at Le Meridien hotel recently. The campaign, which kicked off in June, made use of augmented reality technology to promote the instant protection properties of Castrol Magnatec engine oils.

With 75% of total engine wear attributed to the warm-up periods, the campaign sought to illustrate how Castrol Magnatec protects the engine from the friction of ‘start-up wear’ by having Intelligent Molecules that allow the oil to cling on to vital engine parts at all times. An online Facebook-based contest setup for this campaign attracted 13,400 plays in 8 weeks.

Grand prize winner of the contest was 31-year-old Wong Yew Fung, who walked away with a 4D/3N trip to Disneyland Hong Kong. Second prize winner had a 3D/2N holiday to Resorts World, Sentosa Island.

Mark Ng, Marketing Director, Castrol Malaysia and Singapore “Apart from learning that up to 75% of engine wear happens at start-up and how the Intelligent Molecules in Castrol Magnatec are always ready to protect your car engine 24/7, we also wanted to make sure that our fans and consumers were rewarded for their support throughout this unique campaign.”


Pictures: Official Castrol release.

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Castrol Magnatec “Instant Protection” roadshow to visit JB

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

The Castrol Magnatec “Instant Protection” campaign, aimed to promote the ability of Castrol Magnatec engine oils to provide protection even during start-up, is now gearing up for another leg of its road show to take place at AEON Tebrau City Shopping Centre, Johor Bahru on 22 – 24 July 2011.

Launched at Mid Valley Megamall on 17 June, the roadshow also visited Gurney Plaza, Penang in July to overwhelming response. After JB, the roadshow’s next stop will be One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ (11 – 14 August 2011).

Central attraction of the “Instant Protection” road show is an Augmented Reality display where a giant screen shows a camera view of the visitors surroundings augmented by computer generated images that drive home the message of how Castrol Magnatec oil protects against start-up engine wear, which is being portrayed as a monster trying to attack the visitor.

For social media buffs, Castrol is currently hosting the Castrol Magnatec Augmented Reality Monster game on Facebook, which has been played more than 7,500 times in three weeks. Players stand a chance to win trips to Hong Kong Disneyland & Singapore’s Universal Studio, the all new iPad 2 and Castrol Magnatec products.

Picture: Official Castrol release.

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Castrol Magnatec kicks off ‘Instant Protection’ campaign

Friday, June 17th, 2011

According to Castrol, conventional engine oils slowly drip to the bottom of the sump when the engine is running. So, when you start your car in the morning, there is no lube to protect your pistons. This, Castrol says, accounts for 75% of engine wear.

The company’s proposed solution to this problem is their trademark Magnatec engine oil, with ‘Intelligent Molecules’ that cling to the engine’s parts at all times. This ensures that at any time, regardless whether the engine is running or not, there is a coat of lubrication protecting your engine from wear and tear.

In its efforts to educate consumers on this issue, Castrol has launched the ‘Instant Protection’ campaign. The campaign portrays start-up engine wear as a monster, and that Castrol Magnatec oil will serve as your engine’s protection against this monster.

A series of road shows will be held to promote this campaign, and the first one is currently ongoing at MidValley Megamall, KL until this Sunday, 19 June 2011. Next stops will be Gurney Plaza, Penang (1 – 3 July 2011), AEON Tebrau City Shopping Centre, JB (22 – 24 July 2011), and One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ (11 – 14 August 2011).

The roadshows will feature interactive displays brought to life using ‘Augmented Reality’ technology. What you will see, as you stand on a designated spot, is an image of you and your surroundings, but with computer graphics added to the picture showing a monster trying to attack you and how you are being protected by a bubble of Castrol Magnatec oil.

There is also an online Castrol Magnatec Augmented Reality Monster game played via Facebook for fans of Castrol Malaysia’s Facebook page where prizes include holiday trips, iPad 2, and Castrol Magnatec products.

Ducati mega gathering at Berjaya Times Square, 16 April 2011

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Next Bike Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Naza Group of companies and the sole distributor for Ducati bikes in Malaysia, will be teaming up with Ducati Club Malaysia to hold the largest gathering of Ducati bikes ever in Malaysia in conjunction with the Shell Advance Roadshow.

The event is scheduled to happen on Saturday, 16th April 2011 at Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur and over 100 Ducati owners are expected to participate in the gathering to create a new record under the Malaysia Book of Records.

In addition, Ducati’s latest bikes, such as the Diavel, Multistrada, Monster and 848. Ducati fans can also get their hands on official Ducati merchandise on sale.

Picture: Official Ducati release

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