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New look for Hyundai Grand Starex Royale

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Hyundai’s mega-MPV facelifted for 2009

Space, the final frontier… and there’s plenty of it in the Hyundai Grand Starex Royale. It may not be the prettiest looking vehicle, but hey, eleven-seaters don’t come any better in terms of either pricing or equipment. Being priced in the region of RM150k, you’re paying RM13.5k per passenger space. For the money, few models offer the same carrying capacity, and fewer offer as much goodies. Even though this new facelifted version carries a price tag jacked up by a little more than RM10k, its value preposition remains hard to beat.


Central to the facelifting efforts put into the Royale version is a full bodykit for what Hyundai claims to be a ‘rebirth of the model in majestic proportions’. While we don’t fully buy into the marketing talk on the Grand Starex’s styling, there is no doubt that, size-wise, the Grand Starex is indeed of majestic proportions, measuring a massive 5.1 metres in length. Reversing a car of this size is not going to be funny, and recognizing that fact, Hyundai has equipped the Grand Starex Royale with a reverse camera in addition to four bumper mounted reverse sensors to help the driver out. Other useful features available on the Grand Starex Royale include side-mirror mounted LED signal lights, auto headlamps, and a rear windshield wiper added to the Starex’s equipment list for the first time.


Inside, Hyundai has also upgraded the ICE system with brand new Pioneer LCD touch screen DVD player HU linked to a 7″ LCD screen for movie viewing pleasure of all but the front row passengers. In addition, each row of seats gets not one, not two, but six fully adjustable ceiling-mounted air-con vents. Each passenger also gets his/her own air conditioning controls as well. It also goes without saying that the three rows of seats behind can be reconfigured in a multitude of ways, as SBY found in his test drive of the pre-facelift Starex last year.

Interior seats 11

gsr_07 gsr_06
Touchscreen HU connects to 7″ LCD screen.

No changes are made to the Grand Starex’s 168hp 2.5-litre CRDi powerplant. Armed with common-rail direct injection and a Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT), the Grand Starex produces its peak power at 3,800rpm, and its peak torque of 392Nm at between 2,000 and 2,500rpm. Paired with the engine is a 5-speed Shiftronic auto gearbox with sports mode. Suspension layout is independent all-round, with MacPherson struts in front and multi-links behind. According to Hyundai, all these combine to endow the Grand Starex Royale with ‘exhilarating dynamic driving’. We won’t exactly count on that, but we can be certain that a cruise in the Grand Starex along the north-south highway would be a comfortable one. Standard safety features packed into the Grand Starex Royale include crumple zones, ABS, disc brakes all-round, dual airbags, and seat belts for all 11 passengers.


Available in 4 different colours, Crystal White, Stone Black, Sleek Silver and Carbon Grey, the Grand Starex Royale is priced (OTR) at RM148,888.00 in the Peninsula and RM153,997.50 in East Malaysia. Like all Hyundai cars in Malaysia, the Grand Starex Royale comes with an industry-leading 5-year/300,000km warranty.

Malaysians can place bookings of the Grand Starex Royale at the nearest sales outlet or call Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors’ Customer Careline at 1-300-13-2000 for more information.


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Hyundai Starex – The new luxurious MPV in town

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Hyundai Starex – The new luxurious MPV in town

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

The all-new 11-seater Hyundai Starex sets the trend of large group mobility in luxury and comfort without compromising in safety, style, performance and economy. Groups of 11 people no longer need to travel in a cramped and uninspiring vehicle.

The occupants can get into and out of the jumbo-size rear interior with utmost ease through the two large sliding doors. Accommodating them in full comfort are three rows of adjustable seats with ample leg and shoulder rooms to stretch on long journeys.

Further comfort inside the Hyundai Starex comes in the form of niche entertainment features that include ceiling-mounted LCD screen, sound surround speakers and CD changer; all hand installed by master craftsmen to create a luxurious ambience.

Luxurious interior

Ensuring a cool and enjoyable journey even under the unforgiving tropical heat, there are large air condition outlets on the dashboard, six on the edges of the ceiling and another two on the flat floorboard as standard fittings.

Designed from ground up to meet the needs of modern lifestyle, the Hyundai Starex should revolutionise group travels. The stylish overall design of the Hyundai Starex starts with a distinguished and prominent nose featuring trendy headlamp clusters, large radiator grille and front bumper. Every arrival in the large Hyundai Starex is with admiration all round.

Ultra luxurious seats on the concept 7 seater variant of the Grand Starex

Large flared wheel arches create the sporty image while carefully sculptured rear of the Hyundai Starex culminates the signature design of the latest people carrier in town. In fact, the simple addition of a set of light alloy wheels is all that is needed to heighten up the looks of the Hyundai Starex.

Looks alone are not the only strong point of the Hyundai Starex. Beneath the rigid and tough body are state-of-the-art automotive technology features found mostly in expensive high performance sedans. All round coil spring suspension and disc brakes fittings are enough to drop the jaws in awe of even the most sporting motorists. These items enable the Hyundai Starex to soak up the worst road conditions with ease and stop a lot safer and faster.

More super hot standard features are the turbo-charged green engine with common rail direct injection (CRDi) and variable geometry turbocharge (VGT) that ensure the Hyundai Starex moves a lot faster yet more economical than anything in its class.

If those items are enough to satisfy the most discerning motorist, there are more. How about the 5-speed seamless automatic transmission found mainly in expensive Continental sports sedans?

In short, the Hyundai Starex revolutionises how to be a star among large people carrier with its looks, features and value for money. It is also a good base for those bold enough to create a truly personalised version as demonstrated by some units shown at the launch in One Utama.

L to R: Deputy General Manager of Hyundai Asia Pacific, Mr. CJ Park with Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors, Mr. Dennis Ho

In the grand version, one can add special leather seats, pop-up 15-inch TV, electrically powered footrests, foldaway coffee table and Mahogany side tables. There is actually no limit in personalising the interior into a mobile living or bed room but the fact remains that the Hyundai Starex is the perfect base vehicle to start with.

With a base model price of RM138,888 (OTR without insurance for private ownership), the Hyundai Starex 2.5 CRDi Auto offers true value for money. Even with the full customising, the Hyundai Starex would still be a very affordable MPV.